Dress Code & Etiquette

Members are responsible for ensuring that they and their guests meet these requirements in the clubhouse and on the course.

For Societies and Visitors in order to avoid embarrassment please ensure that your group are all aware of the dress code requirements.

The co-operation of all Members and Visitors is expected.

In the Clubhouse

  • Smart clean casual wear is permitted at all times
  • Shirt (tucked inside trousers) with or without sweater 
  • Polo necked sweater, smart trousers/shorts, socks and shoes

Not Permitted

  • Golf shoes (outside of Locker Room)
  • Soiled or wet golf wear
  • Coats or jackets
  • Non tailored shorts
  • Tracksuit / joggers
  • Head wear of any description
  • Any obtrusive advertising on clothing

On The Course

  • Conventional golf wear golf shirt (tucked inside trousers or shorts)
  • If shorts are worn they should be tailored and worn with sports socks

Not Permitted

  • Trousers tucked in shoes
  • Shirts worn outside trousers
  • Football, tennis, beach or cycling shorts
  • Denim clothing
  • Tracksuit / joggers