This is a reminder to all members about their responsibility of behaviour on the course and in particular when socialising in the clubhouse.

Recent events have seen an increase in unacceptable levels of inappropriate use of language particularly in the lounge and bar areas, this is to be addressed immediately and those individuals who continue with this behaviour may be asked to leave the premises and the club.

No other golf club accepts these standards of behaviour and as we strive to improve our different sections of membership within Leasowe Golf Club, why should we tolerate anything different.

I trust individual members understand their responsibility for behaviour and will cooperate immediately.

The continued development and success of our club is important at all levels and the membership has played its part in securing that recovery, let’s not forget our etiquette as its members.

Humour and laughter are very much welcome but without the accompanying language.

In our 125th anniversary year we will be providing you with many events to support the club and our Captain. We need your support at these events please.

I trust this matter is now closed and responsibility accepted.

Thank you for your time and cooperation.

David Wakefield
Chairman Leasowe Golf Club.